Refer to the Exhibit. An Administrator is Trying to Configure the Switch but Receives the Error Message that is Displayed in the Exhibit. What is the Problem?

When working with network switches, encountering error messages can be a challenging experience, especially for newbie system administrators. This article aims to provide insights on what might be the problem when an error pops up during switch configuration, shedding light on common troubleshooting techniques.

Understanding the Situation

Without mentioning the specific error message or providing a view of the exhibit, it becomes challenging to provide a definitive answer. Errors during switch configuration could be due to numerous issues such as incorrect settings, syntax errors, incompatible hardware or software versions, among others. However, let’s examine some of the common problems that an administrator could encounter when configuring a switch.

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Common Problems in Switch Configuration

Syntax Errors

One of the most common issues that often lead to error messages is syntax errors. A single incorrect or misplaced character, improper indentation or wrong command can halt the entire configuration process and produce an error message.

Inappropriate User Privileges

In some cases, the issue might boil down to the level of access or privileges accorded to the user. Some configurations need higher privileges, hence if an administrator is trying to change settings without the necessary user rights, an error message will undoubtedly show up.

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Unsupported Commands

Sometimes, administrators may use commands that are either deprecated or unsupported by the switch due to differences in software versions or hardware capabilities. The entry of such commands would result in an error message.

Misconfigured Network Settings

On other occasions, network settings could be the problem. Issues like incorrect IP addresses, default gateways or subnet masks can lead to connectivity problems which in return triggers error messages.


It’s important to note that without specific details about the error message or the exhibit in question, it becomes challenging to narrow down the exact problem that the administrator is facing when configuring the switch. It, therefore, becomes necessary for the administrator to detail the specific error message, the switch’s make and model, and the exact configuration settings being adjusted. From there, isolating the problem might be a less daunting task. Should the problem persist, it might be a good idea to consult with the switch manufacturer’s technical support teams for further guidance.

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